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Tire Deflators Smittybilt

Tire Deflators Smittybilt

Installation Instructions
Tire Deflators
Part 2723

Carefully read entire instructions thoroughly before using this product.

NOTE: Remove deflators after deflation.
DO NOT leave attached to valve
stem. Keep deflators clean and dry.
Do not interchange components.

STEP 1: Deflate a spare/extra tire to your preferred deflation pressure.
STEP 2: With the lock ring and adjusting cap wound down, screw your deflator on the
valve stem. (Be sure to make sure the threads are clean and in good condition)
STEP 3: Loosen cap (counter-clockwise) until deflator pops open, then immediately
Tighten cap to the position where the air stops exhausting.
STEP 4: Turn lock ring up to adjust cap and tighten.
STEP 5: Installation is now complete and set to your preferred deflation pressure.

NOTE: Adjustments to your deflators can be made at the rate of 3psi per half
turn of the adjusting cap. When the tire pressure and the deflator setting
within 8psi, a manual start may be required by fitting the deflator then
lifting the center pin to start operation.

For Technical Support - Warranty Information please call 310-762-9944
Smittybilt, 400 West Artesia Blvd, Compton, CA 90220

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